Beach St Cohasset

Beach St Cohasset

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Square, clean lines, crisp details, natural materials. These are some of the words our clients used to convey the style, vision and feeling they wanted in their new home. The finished product captures these ideas and provides a feel of new Modernism and gives the home an almost minimalistic feel.

The owners were working with an Architect from Canada who had never visited the home, but knew the family, the way they lived, and they brought a new, modern style to the project. Communication was extremely important throughout the remodeling process of this home, since there were no site visits or meetings with the Architect, only their plans, the homeowner’s dreams, and Fabrizio Construction to build those dreams.

The unique style of this home allowed us to express the true diversity of our craftsmen and the talents they possess. All the custom built cabinetry, the kitchen and millwork were fabricated on site in order to achieve the quality we strive for in all of our projects. Locating appropriate materials that are synergistic with the homeowner’s linear vision provided a challenge that we met head on in order to achieve the look and distinction that sets this home apart from the rest.

This project is featured in the South Shore Living Magazine’s Architecture issue in September 2008